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36.1.2f this is a Jew you purged from England – don’t wear black and morn over me, that who you rejected dogs of Canada


Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

Magna Carta @ Alpha in a circle  Omega  >>> the " great O " @ Sagittarius "A* @ the lords prayer

authority challenged.  =  Death Skull Army HeadquartersNation States simulation game = double dip diplomacy

these are my fathers   Thadhg Cantillon gave Ballyheigue  it’s nameEquals to the Apostles

Garter King at Arms  ; Bow shock

30.4.6b Do you believe in the Son of Man? – You have both seen Him, and He is the one who is talking with you

= long live the = IRA TheSir Robert Shawn ( Yochanan ) Alexander Cantlon  IRA = long live the =

a historical observation of biblical history combined with other books of knowledge  = coloration of facts with a book of prophecy ;

St Genevieve, The Black Prince & Excalibur the legendary sword of King Arthur

these are my cousins, better purge them to ; they are of the same blood ; the truck was parked by St Andrews United Church ; it is regularly parked in the parking garage ; because if you don’t, i have a good chance of coming back again ; see, if the blood line continues, so will i the devil Mr. Schmuts ; my other cousin attends to a Church on Holiday in Drive right Pentecostal Ken ? your friend at Kalmar should know ; oh, don’t tell my sister, she is of the same blood ; she is to stupid to figure that out ; and her Scottish husband slept with the disease, and bread with it ; right uncle tom, Brantford jail guard, you married one of the diseases to ; so it is ok, I’m expendable ; I’m just glad i told them all to not come to my funeral, because i disowned all of them ; maybe the Queen of England will want them ; because they sold their souls to Hitler, and the Queen,  and I’m not picking up their tab  ; and I’m not picking up yours either Jim Cantilon 100 Huntley Street ; so you can steal from me, and run the knife in my back ; when will the army of same sex married., march me off to the gas chamber of Auschwitz ? in the name of the Queen and her Canadian flag  ; I’m glad i told g’d, the father to go f’k himself, if that is the only reason you are needed is what he has done, or needs my death for, for this wicked generation, then he can wallow in their disgust ; and wallow in the mire of his own ; but I’m sure Jesus will be here any day now, to save you all ; right son of man ? oh, he will be a Jew, not German ; and i don’t save Queen’s of England, nor Pope’s of Rome ; or natives of Caledonia ; but it’s better i die, they say, here, than all of them, in gay victor


oh German judge Lenz, would not set another date, and said it would have to discussed at trial date before a native judge, and i need to get off their land ; by order of the Canadian Taliban ; they will be serving hookers, and crack, at the next communion service at the Anglican church ; and you can get a free tattoo, after  ;

told you German Dave Hubley RCMP, NSIS would not call me 519-802-7826 Bellas coke dealer / supplier / hitchon, a friend of Tracy Baldwin of Brantford police fame ; he was called at 14:02 hrs, and given the number ; he said, i probably won’t call you though, and i said i know long live the ira ; yes, it was being looked after two so called under cover cops, Bella got promoted to dealer and police protection ; as the hookers all start to move back into the building, but that is ok, because all the natives here like victor, the faggot ; a boy toy at one time, of mike rose, and pecker Pete, in the other building ;  but I’m not g’d, or the son of man, and the law does not matter, as it is written ; because you f’ked me ; all of you in Canada ; that cost me money, to get that information ; was it worth it ? not easy to get one of the main players phone numbers ; but I’m sure if you go smoke a bowl of crack, with the lawyers, they can buy off the judges, and get you off and pay your tithe to the police ; you might even get your private parts played with for free ;

so when will you be seizing the Anglican church, taken over by the hells angles, and associates linked to the " let it go " club, of Canada  ?   Cops seize Hells Angels club house   36.1.1d i would like to know when you made this decision, was it before or after you dated a hells angle  don’t wear black, and morn me, that what is not my friend, you may have come to the marriage of the Dutch one, by her deceipt, but you won’t be coming to the marriage of the lamb in your deceit ;   because those in black, are my killers ;

kind of hard to fight a war, when your lawyer turns against you ; i have asked him to call me ; but I’m not marg James, and the bikers by the hospital ; your Caledonia native devil are you not loyal to a Queen of England ; come and tell me again, i am not a Jew Caledonia native ; I’m sorry, i ever helped any Caledonia native ; your not Jews ; your the devil

day three no food and since the 27th of October very little food, if any ; the last time i ate anything substantial, was on the 27th, and i had a sub ; and i will not be eating Bobby Sands

this writer does not support shows, like the view, entertainment tonight ;  to name a few  ; na hard feelings Oprah ?

in the future, all IRA bombs, will not have the considerations, towards human life ; no advance warnings are to be given ;  the ira will assist Osama bin laden ;  by order of the knights templar and the dome of the rock ; and Canada is no friend to the IRA, and that includes any cantlon, or relation, that fails to comply ; this writer fully supports the activities of the Toronto 18 and the beheading of Steven Harper, and his Crosby cronies loyal to a Queen of deception ; the beheading of the Queen of England, the Pope of Rome, Barak Obama, lady gaga, Elton John., and more ; hell you can even behead my sister, for all i care ; and any woman that will not cover her head, in the house of the Lord or during prayer, and any one with the kings own crown on his head,  you have been served the law, and fail to comply with the law ; and the law is explicit ;   36.1.1b a ruling, would be to strike down the bible, to the supremacy of g’d, and the rule of law, and void the constitution

Isaiah 42:1 "Behold, My Servant, whom I uphold; My chosen one in whom My soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the nations. Galatians 6:17 From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. ,Psalm 22:16   For dogs have surrounded me ; A band of evildoers has encompassed me ; They pierced my hands and my feet.  but you get to kill me ; like it or not ; is that not what you want ? ask the fitsmorius family, and the " let it go " club, not to forget many others, even unto the Roman Catholic church ;  you made the decision Canada, and one that can not be changed ; i will not be your hostage in lies, and deceipt, in damnation ; but I’m sure Jesus will be along any day now to save you ;  what part of " f " off don’t you understand ? the " f " or the off part ; Deuteronomy 19:21 Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.  repudiate 1. To reject the validity or authority of : 2. To reject emphatically as unfounded, untrue, or unjust :  3.To refuse to recognize or pay  a. To disown   b. To refuse to have any dealings with.  28.1.5c when will my expulsion papers be ready Mr Harper, or do you prefer to gas me, for your Nazi Queen  Romans 3:12 All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one."     30.5.8c Arthur, calls the nights of the round table – and the snow flake of righteousness in a seal of g`d upon their foreheads

Psalm 53:2 God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.  Galatians 4:26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. John 4:46-54  48  "Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." 25.2.3b you never wear a Nazi hat to a Jew, and say your a descendant to King David, a Jew ; are you retarded ?

The Capture of Babylon   “Your Majesty is right, yet we are bound by the command of our prophets to serve the welfare of the city to which G-d has sent us into exile    35.6.2f Your Majesty is right, yet we are bound by the command of our prophets

you purge this from England, and then the Queen states it is hers ; this is a Jew, that she purged from England are you a retard ? 30.5.5e But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, I will strike you down, and cut off your head  and i am related to him, and you are trying to purge me ?  1.6.3 Cantilupe – Cantiloup – Canteloupe, – Cantillon – Cantlon   In the sixteenth century the Cantillon lands were confiscated by Elizabeth I and granted to the Crosbies. One of the Cantillon descendants who fled to France was recognised officially there as Baron de Ballyheigue  28.1.9e – your g’d does not live here   Revelation 21:7   Torah Crown from Alsace, France  israelnationalnews == Stolen Holocaust Art at the Israel Museum ===   35.6.2d that’s the hat ; Saul built david a skull cap

Jeremiah In Ireland "  This royal party “ included the son of the king of Ireland who had been in Jerusalem at the time of the siege —  i think I’m part of the Royal party   JEREMIAH AND TEA TEPHI  chapter 37:31, telling us that a " remnant of Judah " shall escape and " take root downward. "

28.1.9e – your g’d does not live here ; see, they are three oranges, in glass, at St. John’s Anglican Church Brantford were i put my hand into the Ambry Box ; the trike belongs to Irish Republican Army well Bobby Sands is getting a ride ; 30.5.5d i would have made the trike out of gold ; that way it would not rust ; but it is the thought that counts right father ?   2 Corinthians 11:23 Are they servants of Christ? (I am out of my mind to talk like this.) I am more. I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again.    30.5.8e maximum capacity St John’s Church, Brantford Ontario, Canada = 87 = days i can heal your land

On February 4, 2008, Governor General Michaëlle Jean, on the advice of her Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, appointed John Crosbie as  Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, succeeding  Edward Roberts. that did not work out to well Mr. Harper ? two governor generals took a beating ; care to try for a third ? I’ll wipe it out to  30.5.8e maximum capacity St John’s Church, Brantford Ontario, Canada = 87 = days i can heal your land   ===   35.6.2e the battle of the Atlantic ; a picture post card – and the blackberry enigma code

The Crown on the head of the lion, which is reserved to armigers by descent from King David who are eligible for the throne, no matter how remotely related (Deuteronomy 17:14-20 )

The Turin Shroud, as I’m sure you’re all are aware, is one of the most famous relics in the world. Many Christians believe the shroud is the cloth that covered Jesus when he was placed in his tomb and that his image was recorded on its fibers at or near the time of his resurrection. In fact the relic was endorsed by Pope Pius XII in 1958, who offered official confirmation that the cloth did in fact bear the image of Christ. Which is interesting, of course, because the Pope is God’s spokesperson on Earth and his word is meant to be directly the word of God, and thus infallible. Clearly, however, in this case God had just been having Pope Pius on, because in 1988 the fakery was discovered when radiocarbon-dating placed the creation of the cloth at somewhere between 1260 and 1390, whereas Jesus was meant to have died in 33 AD. Because Jesus was born in 1 AD, which is the very definition of the term 1 AD. Obviously uncle Cantilupe died when ? Pope ? they carried his body back to England ? and then cut him up, and buried his body in different places ? sounds kind of like a two judge system ? so who hammered in the last nail ? and why do you walk around a spot in Rome ?  the body of the Holy Flower of Christ


Ephesians 1:18  “I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,”

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BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

36.1.1c his injurious and immoral attitude contributed to the lack of credibility in the religious ( or any other ) institution


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