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30.2.7d code word ” Irene ” ? what is this a Blackhawk down movie ?



Man faces terror charges in N. Ireland   why don’t you just say IRA instead of dissident republican ; dissident republican means you don’t go to the tower of London to be hanged any more like in the 13th – 16th century ; for being a Jew ; it is to barbaric ; you must go to her majesties prison ; and become an orange ; (CNN) — A 54-year-old man faces terrorism-related charges in Northern Ireland following the discovery of firearms linked to dissident republican activity, police said.  The man, whose name has not been released, was arrested Friday, according to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.  He faces charges of possession of articles likely to be of use to terrorists; preparation of terrorist acts; possession of firearms with intent to endanger life; possession of firearms and ammunition in suspicious circumstances; possession of a prohibited weapon; and conversion of weapons not being the holder of a firearms dealer’s certificate.

 Rescue capsule arrives at Chilean mine 

12 dead in bus crash in Germany 

Mortar rounds strike Baghdad’s Green Zone  the green zone is not necessarily the green chair

Report: 5 suspected militants, 2 soldiers killed in Yemeni offensive   @    Yemeni forces clear town of al Qaeda forces

Threat of levee failure prompts evacuations along Wisconsin River

Nicaragua: Why was diplomat stabbed? ask Steven Harper, I’m still trying to get the knife in my back out ; soon as i get down off the cross ;

Jewish boat sets sail to Gaza with aid  a sudden change by the people on the wall ?  code word " Irene " ? what is this a Blackhawk down movie ?  "The boat, named Irene, was carrying 10 passengers and crew, including Jews from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Israel.  The boat will attempt to reach the coast of Gaza and unload its aid cargo in a nonviolent, symbolic act of solidarity and protest — and call for the siege to be lifted to enable free passage of goods and people to and from the Gaza Strip," organizers said in a statement.   30.2.7c he has my eyes, I’m bleached now – the thin orange line – are you a Jew  Flotilla incident hurts relations between Israel, Turkey

Israeli PM urges settlers to show restraint  were is the potato ?   Palestinians: We fear violent settlers

Time check : 18:11 hrs., : return second time ; first time fire base here ; three trucks ; got the phone calls father ; chalks are in the air ;


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