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27.1.4b take two comfort letters in deep fried regret – Omar Kadar, and the Queen’s Blackberry Mickey Mouse laws



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long live the IRA TheSir Robert Shawn Alexander Cantlon  IRA long live the

M.I..C.K.E.Y  M.O.U.S.E ; there are at least 5 news stories in that parabolic header @ 27.1.4b and not long winded like the hypocrites ; parables are for the educated, and not for the idiots and fools  

innocence until proven guilty, equality between all classes and genders, and Jesus said you need two witness

Vanuatu Prince Philip, having visited the island with his new wife Queen Elizabeth, fit the description exactly and is therefore revered and even held as a god around the isle of Tanna

From the Wall ; Teacher leave them kids alone !!!  City shuts down lemonade stand it’s like a church bake sale ?  KidsLemonade Stand Shut Down By Cops have you ever seen 10, 11, 12 year old kids selling crack, with a gun in their belt ? i have ; then let them sell lemonade

well young lad, you got the guy with the skull, and cans involved now ; it’s like young lads collecting scrap in Afghanistan Canadian forces

we have a Caledonia here, near Brantford, Ontario, Canada ==  New Caledonia, Vanuatu The President may be removed by the electoral college for gross misconduct or incapacity.  British common law and French civil law The announcement in November 2005 by the European Commission that, on the basis of powers recognised in a recent European Court of Justice ("ECJ") ruling, it intends to create a dozen or so European Union ("EU") criminal offences suggests that one should also now consider EU law ("droit communautaire", sometimes referred to, less accurately, as " droit européen ") as a new and distinct area of law in France (akin to the " federal laws " that apply across States of the US, on top of their own State law ), and not simply a group of rules which influence the content of France’s civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional law. ===  customary lawFrench judicial system in post-Napoleonic France Crime in Post-Napoleonic France was seen as an act of high treason which explains the harsh punishment. ………………………. Also, similar to the Magna Carta, ( two Cantilupe signatures on that one ) the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen restrict the power of the government when dealing with taxes but also require higher taxes from poorer subjects. This attributed to the growing proletariat class that would eventually rise up and revolt again leading into the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. @ Think Progress » Stephen Moore calls for raising taxes on the poor

 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen  in the news, you can do your history lessons ; past, present, and future  Obama tax pledge up in smoke

Anti-Sacrilege Act   Some members of the liberal opposition formed by the Doctrinaires, including the Baron de Barante, the Comte de Languinais, Pierre Paul Royer-Collard and Benjamin Constant, argued that the law created an interpenetration between human justice and God’s judgment, and that the state was only supposed to protect liberty of religions. Royer-Collard argued that "Just like religion which is not of this world, human law is not of the invisible world; both worlds, which touch each others, should never be confused: the tomb is their limit." He declared the law "anti-constitutional" and as " violating freedom of thought ", ( i hear Russia, was it,  was going to implement a law, that could cause you to be punished for your thoughts, before you could commit a crime  ? )  imposing one specific religion over other ones. Benjamin Constant, a Protestant, argued that his religion itself prohibited him from voting for the law, as the real presence of the Christ in the host could only be considered as such by Catholics. Either the person said to be guilty believes in the dogma, and he is therefore " insane ", argued Constant, or he doesn’t, in which case sacrilege can’t be said to be constituted, and he can therefore be only punished as a " heckler " (perturbateur). Some reactionary politicians argued in the same manner: the Comte de Lanjuinais argued that the word of deicide was in itself a blasphemy, and that the law could not "constitute itself judge of the offenses against God." Thus Justice Minister Peyronnet finally decided to limit the law to sacrileges "voluntarily and publicly" committed, as not to interfere with inner conscience and confession. Peyronnet even made an analogy with "indecent assaults" (attentats à la pudeur): one only shocks public morality by committing such acts in public, not in private. The same goes, argued Peyronnet, in concerns with sacrilege. Peyronnet’s argumentation was seen by the press as adventurous and ill-founded. Frédéric de La Mennais attacked Villèle’s government in a pamphlet, asking how a sacrilege can be a crime committed against religion but not against God.   Russian draft law would punish bad hosts  @  United States Commission on International Religious Freedom – 7/15  15 Jul 2010 7/15/2010: USCIRF Criticizes Russia’s Use of Criminal Law to Punish Religiously Chairman Leo said: “Freedom of thought, conscience or religion USCIRF has long maintained that laws prohibiting and punishing the ……….  Chairman Leo said:  “ Freedom of thought, conscience or religion necessarily involves the right to question, challenge, or criticize religions.  We could argue about whether it is courteous or appropriate to use exaggerated imagery, whether cartoons or paintings, to make these points, but it should not be criminalized.“ The art exhibition at issue included one piece that placed Mickey Mouse’s head on the body of Christ and a second piece that placed the image of Christ alongside a Coca Cola bottle with the statement, “ This is my blood. ”  reposting >>> Omar Khadr gets his day in court, but will he show up? no letter from me, i just call them and tell them how angry i am, over their Mickey Mouse courts, and their Mickey Mouse justice As trial draws near, Omar Khadr lays bare his angst in letter to lawyer  @   27.1.3b you can’t work a blackberry, and you want to work in the Attorney Generals office ?

Major earthquake rattles Vanuatu – CNN.com  (CNN) — A major earthquake struck the island nation of Vanuatu on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.  The 7.5-magnitude quake, with a depth of 35 kilometers (27 miles), struck 40 kilometers (25 miles) west-northwest of the capital, Port Vila.  The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported a wave of 23 centimeters (9 inches) at Port Vila.  Vanuatu  kind of looks like Moses ? 27.1.2b we have a CH-147 Chinook down @ $48.6 million

" blackbirding  Blackbirding refers to the recruitment of people through trickery and kidnappings to work on plantations, particularly the sugar cane plantations of Queensland (Australia) and Fiji.The practice occurred primarily between the 1860s and 1901. Those ‘blackbirded’ were recruited from the indigenous populations of nearby Pacific islands or northern Queensland. In the early days of the pearling industry in Broome, local Aboriginal people were blackbirded from the surrounding areas, including aboriginal people from desert areas.


Vanuatu ( /ˌvɑːnuːˈɑːtuː/ (help·info) vah-noo-AH-too or /ˌvænˈwɑːtuː/ van-WAH-too), officially the Republic of Vanuatu (French : République de Vanuatu, Bislama: Ripablik blong Vanuatu), is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago, which is of volcanic origin, is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 kilometres (310 mi) northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea. Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesian people. Europeans began to settle in the area in the late 18th century. In the 1880s France and the United Kingdom claimed parts of the country, and in 1906 they agreed on a framework for jointly managing the archipelago as the New Hebrides through a British-French Condominium. An independence movement arose in the 1970s, and the Republic of Vanuatu was created in 1980. Chiefs were and are still the leading figures on village level. It has been reported that even politicians need to oblige them. One becomes such a figure by holding a number of lavish feasts (each feast allowing them a higher ceremonial grade) or alternatively through inheritance (the latter only in Polynesian-influenced villages). In northern Vanuatu, feasts are graded through the nimangki-system.

Christianity is the predominant religion in Vanuatu, consisting of several denominations. The Presbyterian Church, adhered to by about one third of the population, is the largest of them. Roman Catholic and Anglican are other common denominations, each claiming about 15% of the population. Others are the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Church of Christ, Neil Thomas Ministries (NTM), as well as many other religious sects and denominations.  Because of the modernities that the military in World War II brought with them when they came to the islands, several cargo cults developed. Many died out, but the John Frum cult on Tanna is still large, and has adherents in the parliament. Also on Tanna is the Prince Philip Movement, which reveres the United Kingdom’s Prince Philip.Villagers of the Yaohnanen tribe believed in an ancient story about the pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit venturing across the seas to look for a powerful woman to marry. Prince Philip, having visited the island with his new wife Queen Elizabeth, fit the description exactly and is therefore revered and even held as a god around the isle of Tanna

Japan apologizes again for colonial rule of Korea – CNN.com  “comfort woman “ a diplomatic word , or a phrase for a government sanctioned " blackbirding " ( prostitute ) Tokyo, Japan (CNN) — Japan apologized once again to South Korea on Tuesday for colonizing the Korean peninsula for more than three decades in the early 1900s. While the apology is not the first from Japan, it coincides with the 100th anniversary this month of the annexation of the Korean peninsula. In his statement, Prime Minister Naoto Kan expressed "deep regret over the suffering inflicted" ( is that like an apology letter ? ) during Japan’s rule.    Japan controlled Korea from 1910 to 1945. During that time, Japan’s military is accused of forcing about 200,000 women, mainly from Korea and China, to serve as sex slaves. They were known as "comfort women" for soldiers in Japan’s Imperial Army.

Salavat Acer rubrum Bull (mythology) Bow shock Shema Israel white flag

[PDF]  Robert A. Tompkins and the Cantilupe connectionQuick View two cantilupe signatures on the magna CartaCumberland   The spelling of this name also includes; Candelan, Candelane, Candelayn,  Candlan, Candlen, Candlin, Cantelin, Cantelon, Kandelan, and more.  First found in Cumberland from ancient times.  The name variations are Cantell, Cantelowe, Cantillion, Cantillon, Cantilon, Cantilupe, Cantlin, Cantlow, Cantlow, Cantlon,  and more.  John Cantelon who settled in Canada in 1836  ; William Cantelon who settled in Ontario in 1871.  Harriett J Cantlon === 1.6.3 Cantilupe – Cantiloup – Canteloupe, – Cantillon – Cantlon  ===19.1.7b the cantlon, and bloody Sunday ;    @  19.1.7c bloody sun day, and the Cantilon / Cantlon part two @ 19.1.7d bloody Sunday and the Cantilupe / Cantlon part three why have thy struck thy ass three times ?  @  25.2.6b Christ, who is the head over every power and authority – Restitution of Holocaust-Era Jewish Communal Property @ Thadhg Cantillon gave Ballyheigue  it’s name @ Tiduff, Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry   @  Griffiths Valuation of Ireland @

Revelation 1:12 Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands;

19.1.3b resolution discussions = one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, @ 21.1.3c grand theft Jesus  @  21.2.1c Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe  @  15a.1.2b the blacken cow ; " The Sin of the Blacken cow "removed from the lambs book of life by authority  @  King’s Own Fusiliers  @   the smashing of the white stone of Revelation 2:17    @  23.1.1b normal programming has resumed, well almost ; silly German, there is no such thing as Queen of the Jews @ i was 56th field regiment

25.2.3b you never wear a Nazi hat to a Jew, and say your a descendant to King David, a Jew ; are you retarded ?

"The arms of  Cantilupe-Gules,   three leopards’ heads  jessant, with a fleur-de-lis issuing from the mouth

an orange sky in the morning, might be a warning, for sailors in the holy see ; but it could be a sailors warning like a red sky at night in a sailors delight    @  Ezekiel 18:12 oppresses the poor and needy, commits robbery, does not restore a pledge, but lifts up his eyes to the idols and commits abomination = Walking stick I’m a wizard I got magic sticks  I’m drinking liquid gold  The taste of metal in my mouth  Infected all my bones The wizard lost his magic sticks  The wall turned in to stone  The taste of metal in his mouth  And everything explodes Seven Pillars of Wisdom = Arthur three  =   Arthur two  =  Arthur one   @ 20.1.4c THE FLAG OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, AND SOME OF THE AGENTS OF THE ANTI-CHRIST


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