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26.1.3c i did not kill Christ





25.2.7b the garden of the nations is on fire gates of hell" ( Matthew 16:18 ) would not prevail against the Church, and his promise that he would be with the apostles to " the end of the age".According to this interpretation, a complete disruption or end of such apostolic succession would mean that these promises were not kept. The same would be true if an intact apostolic succession should completely abandon the teachings of the apostles and their immediate successors. An abandonment hypothetical example might imagine all the bishops of the world agreeing to abrogate the Nicene Creed or to repudiate the Bible

so, since they are looking for trouble, i will avoid them ; and keep my voice recorder handy ; the front door now the meeting area / living room  ; they have rear and side exits i can use ;

a crow cried today, it was funny, as to when it cried ; told you I’m not tied to any tree ; the birds seem to like me for some reason ; Host or sacramental bread  the bread that came down from heaven Host (biology), organism harbouring another organism on or in itself ; hostdefinition The animal or plant on which or in which another organism lives. Lord of hosts, a common expression in the Old testament Heavenly host, an "army" of good angels in Heaven

time check 14:17 hrs., : 06 August 2010  clouds rolled in ; a little easier to ride in today ; the usual ; angry natives running around ; to bad ; i don’t really like infected blankets ; loyal to the Queen ; Caledonia spill over ; seen it before ; I’m on their land they say ? guess what, your sinking at zigzag trail ; and in ww2 i think i was to hold the bridge ; wow, you have to have memory to remember that posting, and related ; do you ? wonder how many more guns and such float through the buildings ? thats at least two now, and a toy on Riko had ; a friend of Dag’s ; thus Red’s ; was it Rick, or some other guy, related to this crew ? it was one of them ; I’m not going back to check ; just thought I’d post ; i should copy it to my blackberry later ;

your being killed off in crack cocaine, like infected blankets

got one in Brantford to, and there are a few more yet Mountie drug sting netted three cops    you know, if you think about it, the RCMP doubled the coke trade in Canada, made a profit, and are loyal to the Queen of England, I’m to believe ;  then her old tricks are still with us, and your being killed off in crack cocaine, like infected blankets ; and in that, your also helping her kill off people as well, as your own, by selling it off the reserve, and running it up through the New York highway ; McGuinty urges provinces to join forces on drug regimes ???  would some one send a cop to see McGuinty, and tell him that people are allowed visitors, that is what they told me ????????????????????????????????????????????????  Two Peel officers now being investigated in Sheldon Cook trial  @  OPP probes alleged kickbacks on government contracts

so does that mean the Queen of England has Hells Angle connections ?

Hells Angels clubhouse a heavily fortified party pad  there having a party out on the farm soon i hear ; near Scotland i believe i heard ; i think it’s on that land Marg James was telling me about ; will you and Mr Bernier be attending Mr Harper ? i don’t think Maurice Boucher can though ; he is kind of locked up, in one of your hotels Tories target organized crime  so, your after yourself Mr Harper ? because in my understandings, the hells angles are classified as a organized crime organization ?   Conservative-appointed Québec judge is former Hells Angels advisor @ Questions surround Bernier’s former girlfriend @ What’s With the Harper Conservatives and the Hells Angels i wonder if Mr Schmuts, of the local police service will be in attendance as well ? i know i won’t be going, but i hear a few people in the complex will be attending ; Guergis, Bernier, and the PM’s secrets – Paul Wells – Macleans.ca  i won’t go Mr Harper, because my ex wife might be there, with her baseball bat to swing at me  ? or is she still getting other people to do that business for her

my voice recorder Sony eSupport – ICD-MS515 i liked my other one better, but it was stolen last time i was at the Hospital, for a stay

time check 7:50 hrs., : 06 August 2010 lots of beer bottles out front on the lawn, at the key holders building ; they had a good little piss up last night ; the music is still blaring out the window ;  me, i brought my couple beer cans up to my room when i came up from out front of my building last night ; after the cops were here ; took some pictures, just in case they are needed ;

Jewish activists support mosque near ground zero   so do i ;

i see Mr Copeland is  preaching for everyone to jump on the airplane and head to the Jesus convention again this am ; just what you need, more killing of the earth flying around for nothing in airplanes ; and pleading for money from TV land to do so ; wonder if he still wants me to get out of his garden ? wonder if g’d the father knows Mr Copeland thinks it is his garden ; of course he does, I’m just being smart ; the Queen wants the Jew out her garden, as does Canada, and the USA, the natives in Caledonia, plus a few more nations, tongues, and peoples ; almost told the native fella last night, when he said the Jews killed Christ, that it was not the Jew, that marked my body, with the wounds of Christ,  not to mention the crack that was running off the Caledonia area ; i don’t think that was the Jews ; i guess, they are a separate nation now ? i was told that last night ; they don’t belong to Canada anymore ; First Nation community of 900 in northern Ontario without clean water – thestar.com  so i guess, if your a separate nation, in Canada, that you will be looking after your own water problems ? or you could learn to pay tax, to Rome ? or you could go back to the New York area where you came from, before the Queen gave you 6 miles either side of the grand river ? I’m sure the queen could send you some infected blankets, to kill you off, and to keep you warm in your journey back to New York ; and your offended she never came to the 6 nations reservation ? or the Mohawk Chapel ? in her last visit ?

time check 5:49 hrs., : 06 August 2010 ; well since i had to post, not that i really wanted to, as i said I’m getting tired of it, but i might as well draw up today’s bible verse since i am ; to be honest with you, I’m getting tired of living ; with Canada ; i just wish Canada would get some bowls, and shoot me ; to chicken i guess ; because i most certainly do not enjoy living with you people ;

time check 4:55 hrs., : 06 August 2010  some time back, when my bike used to be parked in the hallway, out front of my door, before they gave me a storage unit to put it in ; i had some thing go missing off the bike ; yesterday they cleaned out froto’s apartment ; he moved out ; i found the item that went missing from the bike, in the junk they threw out ; but, i got a computer monitor back i sold him ; he left it behind ; so i guess that worked out well, solved a mystery, of stolen property, that i had thoughts in direction to ; as to the item missing ; and got my monitor back ; now i can sell it again ?

time check 3:14 hrs., : 06 August 2010 ; wake up ; we have more to talk about ; one in regard to my contact with police last night ; and the other to my door, when it was painted ; gee, I’m sorry i said Niger last night ( not ) ; and i mentioned something about tattoos ? to call cops to waste time on that, is mischief, it was a unfounded call and not justified as far as I’m concerned ; found out who did this ; and more ; our little skate boarder pot dealer, two doors down who moved out ; “ froto “ was his name ; he used to get his pot from Judy Godin below him ; who moved to the other building ; and we have a new crack dealer in the building ; he just moved in ; we even had Roxie stop by the complex last night ; first time i saw her down this way in a bit ; because they have rights ?  did you not know, crack dealers, etc., in this city ; but guess what, i have his phone number already ; do they have a school were they mould you people ? he gave it to me ; never cost me a dime ;


Psalm 119:160  “All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

over ride

so, what is the message in 6 geese silent ? thought i would miss it ?  or was that the fly over special ; right out front of the complex ; straight to the trike, from the river ; oh I’m so scared ; I’m afraid to look it up ; like i care ; burn it once, burn it twice, burn it a third time ; don’t matter to me ; I’ll still be here  ; you say its a curse to be tied to a tree, try being tied to a bunch of birds  ;

yes father, the sword is paid for, in full ; Excalibur is in my hands now ; 1/3 by 1/3, then the fire ; 1/3 i will save

the kings sword  ; handed down, in spirit ; just to bad i had to buy it back from Rome ;

wonder father ; the last one i know that got hotty, was ? and you spieled on about where were you, but in the womb ?  i spake back ; and I’m still here, and you keep coming to me ; your authority greater than mine, but don’t forget in your old age, i get to share it, and i can’t be taken out of your hand ; shall i go get scripture ? to back up my right to speak with you ?  shema Israel ; why is he that calls to me ask, why do i look up son of man ? because the clouds are authority ; and they will come with him in his glory ; because i was in the womb, when you created me  and i am a Jew ; was not the word with g’d ?  and the word became g’d ? in the beginning ?

war or election ? Mr Harper I’m out for your arse  the heavens sit above you ready to reap  ; time to grow up Candy ; reality is here

that was a boy with the fire cracker Mr Ahmadenijad ? was that like a boy that got mad over an oil contract dispute ?

are you on line tonight cool fm ? i had a few beers tonight ; I’m sure the cop could smell it ; i said Niger, and offended someone ? i said I’m a Jew so explain to me ? he said he was at the hospital one night with me ; i said is that the night your friend played with my balls ? sorry but we met under strange circumstances ; the cop said the guy with all the tattoos ; avoid him, he is going to call us ; no problem, I’ll keep the voice recorder on when i have to encounter him ; yep, i have one  ; i told him he was on tape ; it was on ; I’m not sure if it recorded ; but i advised him  ; two signatures on the magna carta ; Jesus said two witness ; you need two ; or three ; a guarantee, to writ of habius corpus, the right for answer to your detention ; your guarantee ; don’t thank me Chief of Police McElveny, but your under arrest for threats to the constitution, to the foundation of the holy flower of Christ  ; do you remember ? you threatened me over a copy i carried ; well sir, you have been out magna carta’d ; if it falls, so does Rome ;

see you f’d up, ; and that set the course for self preservation detonation ; AND FAIL SAFE PROCEDURES FAIL ; EXPLOSION ; YOUR ALL DEAD ;  you did it to your self, not i ; see the bible is like one of those movies, where you can make it an end of age and can’t you discern the time ? the heavens are ripe for harvest ? or pick another scenario ; but anyway you look at it, i say guess what, your the new seed to be planted ; your blood will make the grass grow greener

i told the cop tonight Mr Hubley, the way i look at it, i have 80 thousand dead skinny’s, and a Blackhawk down ; then i told him to call you ;

just, as a dove sits on the roof of Dorr Abby, one sits on a wall inside the temple ; tell me where, i as a rich man am without g’’d in the eye of a needle ?

i told the same native tonight ; i did not kill Christ ; as you say, because i am a Jew, for i am Christ in a Jew ; you just don’t understand the scripture ; how be it i could kill the Christ, when the Christ came to me ? because i am blood ; my soul dammed, or undammed is not the relevance ; the relevance is truth

you know, a rich man can’t see the kingdom of g’d,  because he is stuck in a golden tower ; where at Dorr Abby did you not see the spirit of g’d ? inside or out ? and where was my wealth ? in g’d ; retard

for the record ; i told a native from Caledonia tonight ; don’t push it because I’m bound to stand to the crown ; on the oka line ; and i will call in tanks ; not just troops ; as i look at it that is a David shield Mr. hubley i peal it and your f………………… no protection ; and i can do it by written law ; to Nazi Germany, and the expulsion of the Jew from Canada, and England ; and the confiscation of lands, temples, and add up, the Jew needs to be persecuted in the end, and every cop that runs to defend it,  and you have breach of contract, and the end of an age, becomes the end of life as you know it ; piece of ……………… ; your welcome ; now thank me ?

what do you want father ? you cause me to anger ? and then only do you respond ? not that you don’t ; i asked you that question in house, angered ; you told me not to be hotty before you ? where is my inheritance ? birds ? and a throne they know not to be able to understand ; by law, can i,  remove all things Jew from Canada, and strip it bare ; your not Jews unto Christ Jesus ;

geese tonight ; first time since i don’t recall ; fbi lady call ricks list and get me that info please ? time ; not your concern ; I’ll look it up manually if i have to ; stay off my Google because I’m hot

i have geese ; so i got attention ? and cops called ; that will cost you ; huge ; you will learn ;the hard way  ; call in all the Nazi support you want Caledonia ; in blue eyes ; like i told ken, you won’t win


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