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26.1.3b good by world, you can live without me, just like you can live without Jesus ; so be it then


 Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

father in  heaven i quit    THIS BLOG IS CLOSED   father in heaven i quit ;

i apologize for not having Germanic Jew hating Nazi blue eyes and i certainly will not go Dr Mergenthaler and pledge allegiance to Hitler or a Queen


CTV, Cheryl hickey  and my sisters side                 if you get the drift                Jewish side 

     Nazi verses Jew   


decisions are binding, under Jewish Law, not Canadian / British / USA Nazi Satanic law ;

your on your own ; just as i am ; don’t call me again !!! father in heaven ; your on your own ; just as i am

i was made a terrorist, and a criminal by a baby killing Germanic bitch, ( Karen gans my ex-wife ) loyal to a Canadian Queen ( not a Jew ) !!!  better give her a talk show, like “ The View “( they are not Jews either ) or a job at CTV ; because they are not Jews either ;

Canadian chopper catches fire after ‘hard landing’ who cares, it’s not important and i careless, if any man comes out or is left behind ; they are not my friends and neither are you Jim Cantilon of 100 Huntley Street ; your a Queen’s puppet and a disgrace ; you should go get a job with Copeland ; same crap, just a different pile ; like TV talk shows ; full of it ; losers that think your winners ;

my decision is made, based upon facts present, and in observation, to ear shot  ; it will not waver ; decision rendered before the throne of  g’d !!! my decision is made,

your not Jews, your Nazi’s, loyal to the Queen of Sodom England ( might as well get in bed with Satin, because you are agents of Satin )

were is my inheritance ? oh yes, the Queen stole it, along with the let it go club of Nazi Canada, ( of whom my own sister in blood belongs to ) and my fall down lawyer, as he does nothing, but try to stuff me through the eye of a needle ; and plead me off ; he might as well go for Christmas dinner, under their Nazi Christmas tree ( my mother wondered why i was never big on Christmas { i don’t } )  at my sisters,  with the CTV television crew ( your not my friends, a requirement, your a subsidiary of the Nazi let it go club { someone has to go the earth quakes will stop – and oh poop, at my briefcase, wrapped in finger rage [ you were not waiting for Jesus, you were waiting to get rid of him, because your not Jews, but Jew hatters, and are not in Christ ] ) ; he would be more welcome, than i ( not that i would go, and eat with my sister, and her family ) ; besides, it is not politically correct to the TV world ; but that’s ok, i would not sit down to eat dinner with them either ; it would be like kissing Kenneth Copeland’s hand, and i won’t do that, I’d rather cut it off ;

oh, i never paid my storage bill, he phoned me to bother me ; so now he can wait ; or shoot ; what ever comes first Jew hatter of the Nazi let it go club

Robert picton is innocent, he was just weeding the garden, and giving them what was due, not like some of you, who say they are allowed visitors

I’m ready to “ let it go “ but you have to shoot : you can’t win, until you do ;  don’t forget to wear your Nazi Jew hating fag hat, and wear your red lipstick bitch Jew hatter ;


25.2.3b you never wear a Nazi hat to a Jew, and say your a descendant to King David, a Jew ; are you retarded ?

what is the difference between “ retarded “ and “ diminished mental capacity “ ? the “ lord’s prayer “ and “ long winded like the hypocrites “

just sitting here waiting to be killed by the Pentecostal let it go club, in my own holy flower  ; me an off shoot of the holy flower of Christ waiting to be killed by the Nazi Germans of Canada

time check : 5:46 hrs., 5 August 2010  :  you have voice mail hubley rcmp nsis ; @ 5:36 hrs., 5 August 2010 

Psalm 119:130 “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.


your promise of eternal life ? stuff it ; i prefer death, than your seat of broken promises ; and I’m tired of arguing with these morons ; can’t wait till the let it go club of Canada kills me ; you would have to be cowards not to ;

i will be destroying the skull, and walking stick ; the four remaining pieces of the white stone, I’m not sure yet ; my own bibles, i will burn ; 

what have i learned ? the bible is a crock of …………………………………… and a book of lies ; i see no promise kept by g’d ;

as it stands this blog is closed ; good by father in heaven ; maybe you can find broken promises to serve to someone else to do your deeds ; i quit

I’m getting tired of posting !!! and I’m contemplating stopping ; so you have a nice day ; if i post, i post, if i don’t i don’t, but the truth is out there ; the truth of the theft of Jew land, and temples by the demons of hell ; 

g’d who ? must be someone else’s g’d, because your not mine ? i regret even stepping in and up to the plate, with your white stone ; it has done nothing but cause me trouble

  time check : 18:46 hrs., : computer maintenance completed ; it, the computer was aggravating me this am, thus the reason for no posting ; so i shut down and did a defrag ; it needed it ; besides to be honest with you, I’m getting tired of posting  ; it does not seem to be getting me anywhere ; your going to do, and take what ever you want ; don’t worry about me, I’m just a Jew, who has had everything stolen by Rome ; and you can’t argue with Romans ; they think they own everything ; wonder where my inheritance went ? that I’m supposed to find as outlined in the bible ? well, you can keep it, and stuff it up your ……………………..  or g’d’s who ever it fits ; so, father give it up ; because i have just about done that ; besides death would be a better blessing, than what has been served as my so called inheritance ? i think g’d gave it away ; my g’d ? i wonder at times are you ? or are you like everyone on earth, take what you can get, and throw me to the dogs ? just a tease ? my inheritance, that even  my g’d denies me ? for it is not returned ; so, why don’t you just keep it g’d, the father, my inheritance ;  besides I’m tired of doing your dirty work as well ; for no reward ; for i see none ; i only see contempt ;

Salavat Acer rubrum Bull (mythology) Bow shock Shema Israel white flag

[PDF]  Robert A. Tompkins and the Cantilupe connectionQuick View two cantilupe signatures on the magna CartaCumberland   The spelling of this name also includes; Candelan, Candelane, Candelayn,  Candlan, Candlen, Candlin, Cantelin, Cantelon, Kandelan, and more.  First found in Cumberland from ancient times.  The name variations are Cantell, Cantelowe, Cantillion, Cantillon, Cantilon, Cantilupe, Cantlin, Cantlow, Cantlow, Cantlon,  and more.  John Cantelon who settled in Canada in 1836  ; William Cantelon who settled in Ontario in 1871.  Harriett J Cantlon === 1.6.3 Cantilupe – Cantiloup – Canteloupe, – Cantillon – Cantlon  ===19.1.7b the cantlon, and bloody Sunday ;    @  19.1.7c bloody sun day, and the Cantilon / Cantlon part two @ 19.1.7d bloody Sunday and the Cantilupe / Cantlon part three why have thy struck thy ass three times ?  @  25.2.6b Christ, who is the head over every power and authority – Restitution of Holocaust-Era Jewish Communal Property @ Thadhg Cantillon gave Ballyheigue  it’s name @ Tiduff, Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry   @  Griffiths Valuation of Ireland @

Revelation 1:12 Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands;

19.1.3b resolution discussions = one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, @ 21.1.3c grand theft Jesus  @  21.2.1c Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe  @  15a.1.2b the blacken cow ; " The Sin of the Blacken cow "removed from the lambs book of life by authority  @  King’s Own Fusiliers  @   the smashing of the white stone of Revelation 2:17    @  23.1.1b normal programming has resumed, well almost ; silly German, there is no such thing as Queen of the Jews @ i was 56th field regiment

25.2.3b you never wear a Nazi hat to a Jew, and say your a descendant to King David, a Jew ; are you retarded ?

"The arms of  Cantilupe-Gules,   three leopards’ heads  jessant, with a fleur-de-lis issuing from the mouth

an orange sky in the morning, might be a warning, for sailors in the holy see ; but it could be a sailors warning like a red sky at night in a sailors delight    @  Ezekiel 18:12 oppresses the poor and needy, commits robbery, does not restore a pledge, but lifts up his eyes to the idols and commits abomination = Walking stick I’m a wizard I got magic sticks  I’m drinking liquid gold  The taste of metal in my mouth  Infected all my bones The wizard lost his magic sticks  The wall turned in to stone  The taste of metal in his mouth  And everything explodes Seven Pillars of Wisdom = Arthur three  =   Arthur two  =  Arthur one   @ 20.1.4c THE FLAG OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, AND SOME OF THE AGENTS OF THE ANTI-CHRIST


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