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25.2.2c see, you don’t know how to steer clouds ; they are on remote control


Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

is that tongue fast enough for you ? extortion ? were is there extortion ?

your friend Tom, of wrong text message Roxie, miss’s you  ; it is a criminal offence to hold someone in a forced confinement situation under threats of duress ;  so if i can’t report coke dealing to the text message address, in Ottawa,  i can purchase some then from that address ?

see your not to speak in the temple Mrs Clinton ; let alone sit on a David seat  sea, a house is a temple, in a temple, in his fathers world, and your body is a temple also ; but we split the difference ? to some it’s in house,  to some it’s in temple ; but we are not going to get to technical, because some don’t have their beards trimmed right ;  and the hair gel, so 1950 ; I’m not even sure that is legal ;

new Jerusalem road ; new Jerusalem ; do you get it ?  35 pigs built there house out of wood ( straw )

follow the zigzag down i built my house on mud and clay trail ; David, three pigs, ,and a red lion ( red riding hood ) a coat of arms

make a heck of a sink hole  ;

we were talking about mud slides ? you might want to build a wall along there, and hold the city back ; and you can pray at that wall ;  to hold back the flood ; top it off with an earth quake that rattled all the way to Ottawa, a cracked wall or two here, and a hole lot of shaking going on ; you figure it out from there ; i guess that stone i set, i hit with a heavy foot ? then you can pretend your in Israel with Mr Netanyahu and do the Cantilation at the wall, and hope the “ h… “ i don’t come back ; the water pure and clear, from the mouth of g’d ; in thunder and lightening, from around the throne ;  don’t forget about zigzag trail ; and oh, yes, the geese, did the zigzag, remember, i met Dr Sharma

see i don’t think subs should play, in the gulf ; a torpedo might be a serious fire code violation  ; all that gas and oil mixed in the water ? it would be one heck of an explosion ; probably blow st john’s of the map ; better get the telegraph out, to stop the train ;

the crane fell on the olive garden restaurant ; the olive fields in Israel ; the wall ; court is requested to halt further construction ? pending further investigation 

that looks like a Dore Abby star on the shield ; and the hand of Ireland ; for you shall never be taken from my hand ; Daniel, what is that writing on the wall ? Grandma Harriett, can i call upon for the crowned ;  these are shields of royal blood line(s) , in my ancestry ; by blood and tail, a knight ; a robe, dripping in blood ; to the blood of Adam ?

counter intelligence ; start connecting dots ;  see now I’m going to find out who sent you to my house Roxie ; because the web is unravelling ; you have complications in your command general Hillier, Canadian armed forces ; your bacon meat on the burner in North Korea ; maybe I’m wrong, but i come from a long line of generals ; better not roll three’s on the subs ; see if Mr Chavez cuts off oil supplies, a leak in the gulf, and your national security reserves, are endangered ; and we have sanctions employed ; your missal deployment failing ; as is your oil contracts in Iraq ; ? if Mr Chavez cancels his book club subscription then Mr Castro will have to be alarmed, as he could become a staging area ; to an oil contract dispute ; and i then have a Cuban missile crisis ; Mr Castro might find more friends in Mr Chavez, than the USA ? China is historically attached to North Korea ? in defence of the peninsula ; a national security issue to them ; the Queens kingdom is falling apart ; would you like mushrooms, with your bacon ?

time check : 14:31 hrs., : return ; geese in the river with the ducks, near the stone, but closer to the walk bridge ; three moved off the water, about 2 feet ; two on one side of the bridge, one stayed on the other ; were the ducks and other geese were ; the geese that moved were 5 at an island ; the two stayed, as the three moved ; i took pictures ; the other pictures below are Roxie, talking to a cop ; she went to the sub shop, he drove car around and parked, and was inside with her for up to a 1/2 hour approximately ; in the conversation before she went to the sub shop, she pointed up Market Street ; you all remember Roxie ? in the matter of the gun in the other building, it is now thought, charges were laid, but no arrest ; still sorting it out ;


did some one in Taliban country, or was that Osama ask who let the queen up there ? well my sister, and her Scottish husband Candice Ann king did backed up by the Pentecostal church, and the “ let it go “ club of damnation ; and i can’t get them off of my mountain ; maybe if i called her, like my dad, and told her to keep her mouth shut, she could get her husband to send some one out in the cop department to look after me, and you could find my body 35 days later

i would like to inform the Queen, she is an embarrassment to Hitler, and his blue eyed superior race theory and rick Hillier, sounds like Hitler ;

stay with you ctv ? if i could get to Afghanistan, i would join the Taliban so i could legally cut Canadian throats in blue eyes and their puppy dog eyed friends ;

ctv and the Queen ; the devils network of Nazi ( skull and bones section ) occupied Canada ;

25.2.1c the Dorr Abbey dove  you did know, that after the Queen seized all the Cantilupe lands, and this Abby, and scratched off the wall above the coat of arms, and desecrated the temple, threw the Jews out of the temple,  and gave it to her cronies, she said you shall not worship anyone but me ? forget about g’d, and his holy angles ; for you shall have no other demon before you ; and the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s is in my way so send him to Rome, and have him crucified  ; I’m just surprised she never seized the tomb of Jesus that uncle Cantilupe had knowledge of and threw Jesus out of it ;

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