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25.1.5d we have like a dove down ;


Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

what you talking about ; Brantford has been car theft capital for a long time ;

Twinkle, twinkle ‘monster’ stars  === List of abbeys and priories in Ireland (County Dublin)

crow, crow, crow are attached to the Cantilupe crest by trinity armoury ;

Ireland’s Eye   Ireland’s Eye comprises the main island, a range of rocks and an islet called Thulla. The most spectacular feature is the huge freestanding rock called "the Stack", at the northeastern corner of the island, which plays host to a large variety of seabirds, including thousands of guillemots, razorbills, fulmars and gulls. the corner i found the gull at is near where the bus lights were on one night ; the dead animal located near the bus ; used to say good morning to him ; near the light pole in the middle of the road or center medium ; by the man hole cover ; looking the other way, is telephone location by the pharmacy ; 


Donnybrook post office raid foiled An armed robbery at Donnybrook post office was foiled today by an off-duty garda.  At about 2.30pm a lone gunman wearing a balaclava walked into the post office on the main street of the Dublin 4 suburb.  He threatened staff with a shotgun and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.  As he made his escape he came to the attention of an off-duty garda who apprehended the man in his 40s.  Donnybrook, Dublin   Donnybrook was once the location of Donnybrook Fair, a fair held from the time of King John onwards, which became notorious for drunkenness and violent disorder. This gave rise to the term a donnybrook, meaning a brawl or fracas. The fair was banned in 1855, that’s about when we banned drinking from the family reunion ; LOL  : that ones for you Copeland   but a supermarket called Donnybrook Fair is on the main street. Parts of the lands on which Donnybrook Fair took place are occupied by Donnybrook Rugby Ground and Herbert Park.


Dart station closed due to flooding  Flash flooding has led to the temporary closure of Bayside Dart station near Howth in Dublin.  Heavy overnight rainfall left the station building, which is located in an underpass, flooded. The train tracks were, however, not affected in the flooding allowing normal train services to neighbouring stations. Howth is at the end of a regional road from Dublin City and is one of the northern termini of the DART suburban rail system. It is served by Dublin Bus. Howth Castle lies close to the village of Howth, north of the city of Dublin in the part of County Dublin now administered as Fingal, Ireland. It is the ancestral home of the line of the Earl of Howth (previously Barons of Howth, holding the area since the Norman invasion), now held by their heirs, the Gaisford St. Lawrence family. Fingal (from Irish: Fine Gall meaning "foreign tribe") is an administrative county in Ireland, one of the three such counties formed from the former County Dublin in 1994. With its county seat located in Swords, it has a population of a nearly quarter of a million. County Dublin

Irelands talking at a flooded train station  ; dart station and post office ; look for another for the dove

time check : 17:32 hrs., : system defrag completed ; i prefer Norton System works ; Norton speed disk ; Norton win doctor etc., ; a personal taste, that’s all ‘ : return from supper ;

go figure, i have a curtained window also Mrs. Clinton ; and three stripes, to three oranges ; curtains are like veils to holy places ;


 time check : 12:19 hrs., : return ; we have like a dove down ; K.I.A. ; pink ribbon at like a crow down ; return from lunch ; and short ride ; on return i found one k.i.a. like a dove ; and prior to that i stopped to take some pictures at were the crow was ; i found a pink ribbon, at that spot, it was stuck, as i had to pull on it to get it up ; the wind blowing enough, if it was not fastened, it would have traveled away

Man killed by lightning while tubingi was interested in his beard ; when i saw the picture of him ;  Brantford, Ont., man killed by lightning  the canoes, and other boats used to partake at the lorn bridge, when the house, now consumed by crack dealers, was a different place  A 25-year-old Brantford man is dead after lightning struck while he was riding an inner tube Saturday afternoon. Tyrell Piovesan, his best friend, Paul Watson, and younger brother, Cordell, were tubing on the Grand River when, just as they passed under the Lorne Bridge, the weather turned.  Although it was not yet raining, the three headed to shore, but as they were trying to get out of the water, lightning struck nearby.  All three lost consciousness, but when Watson and Cordell came to, Piovesan was still in the water. They performed CPR while a passerby called 911.   The family will hold the funeral at Farringdon Independent Church in Brantford.  item 1 – Brantnews.com

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