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25.1.2d he can heal your land in 87 days



Drunk Russians drown escaping heat wave  you shall not inherit the kingdom of g’d, prepared from the foundation of time ; the torment of fire, is for the disbelievers ; you never came through the flood ; and perished in the second death through the fire ; i got a white stone, and over came ; when cats lick you, they usually leave a west splotch ; like the water pure and clear out of the mouth of g’d ; 

Brits rule out burka ban well, well, a wee bit of a change of heart ? for thy was in disposition to these things ; now if i can get matters moving, there are widows ? and cave dwellers ; wrapped up in a golf game, and SUV’s ; veils are a very significant thing ; even liken a cloaking device ; around the Dome of the Rock  ; to some things, one can not draw a line in the sand and turn back and say where are your accusers ; for some things are written to casting a net into the sea ; such a tidy way for the Briton’s to reply ; how bloody British of you ; does the Queen comply ? i have faith in the rule of Law, to some matters, to the stoning ; is an assurance in victory over this matter ? it holds Jill Coopers neck in hands ? so to speak ; and a captured British flag, and some sailors ? Canada can’t ignore Khadr we know that the British Parliament can’t intervene ; by law i believe ; but yet a knight, by blood and tail, can anti in on his skull cap ; and kiss the feet of the living g’d ; and call to the crows of the tower ; and come in with the mist ; surely by Authority to King John Arthur, can the request be achieved through thy heart that wavers, so that when i turn back around, i can say where are your accusers ?

Hilton caught with pot at airport like i said, your friend probably took the rap for you the first time around ; you walked away ;

no man, can  deny me to my own house, but his, that but my father instructs, for in authority, he will abide my decisions, in that they be through him ; in the removal of all those that stand in his will, and his way ; even to removal from the lambs book of life in regeneration ; for is not Christ in Adam, as Adam in Christ ? Christ then paid for Adams sin ; for if he tells me to go, i must go, if thy slay me, it will be that of thy soul, that is dismissed, but mine saved, even in death ; your apology letter ? the debit was paid ; in full ; Philipp Melanchthon i think i can Google me all over the place ? Revelation 1:5 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loves us and released us from our sins by His blood-  shake off the dust an move forward ; me i got cleaned ;


who shall we strike from the lambs book of life ? draw the sword, cut the throat ; their words fall to the weigh side ; the two edged that proceeds out of his mouth ; it is written ; he can heal your land ?  Pope who ? i think orders came in a high priest has spoken, in water pure and clean, from the very mouth of g’d ; for the judgement unto the nations ;

Matthew 18:15-20  17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican. but if the church hears not, then what ; for the temple of the earth, is but the church also ? have we not seen that, for i need not the temple, in all my matters ; but, also the temple is the church ; as is the body a temple ; if i be the church, and they not hear, as the spirit of the church, or the body of Christ is in me then, they be liken heathen ; for many hear not the spirit of the church, and still pray their ways, and not the ways of g’d ? who said you could take off your covering to pray ? i hear the church, it talks to me all the time ; it told me the presence lamp was dirty, and had a spider web entangling it ? it did, it spoke to me over the oil spill, and the capping ; have you not heard the church ? and the winged creatures around the throne of g’d ? i have ; i heard the church speak in Haiti, i heard it speak in Rome, at earth quakes, i heard it speak, as the mountains moved, and the fire rocks danced across the heaven, and fell to the earth ; i heard the church in Shema Israel  and in bow shock ; i hear the  church all the time ; it speaks loud a clear to me, and clearer every day ; as my understandings, and knowledge grows, that flows from him, through me ; that in his grace, and blessing, he bestows it to me, for he knows, i am loyal and faithful ; and he will deliver to me as much as i need to seek out his will ; for today, i took the dove out to be cleaned, and went to eat, where his angles met me, that but also look over me ; he told me what to do, and i followed his instructions ; in obedience, without question, or reservation, as to what i might meet, at my attendance ; i am rewarded with more from him in my obedience ; for am i not also, the first born also raised in Christ ? in the blood ; for if Adam, was in Christ, as Christ was in Adam, then the second coming, as you believe will be in Adam, through Christ ?

State of emergency declared at tornado-hit reserve in Saskatchewan call the Queen, she blessed you did she not ? and so did an act of g’d ; unfortunately, g’d does not bless the Queen  === Streets, basements flooded in Saskatoon after storms =Stephen Harper flies over flooded Prairie farms in helicopter== Flooding prompts evacuations in Yorkton, Sask try getting a hold of Syncrude, and see if they can help, as in an act of g’d, there is no compensation or insurance coverage, unless specified differently Syncrude guilty in ducks trial did you ever hear about the flock of ducks in heaven, way out there in outer space ? Five injured in Boston duck boat crash == Alberta politicians defend oil sands after Syncrude found guilty in duck deaths you can’t sue g’d for flood damages, and i must defend g’d’s decisions in this matter ; 

Senior cop says RCMP expects criticism after two Mounties face assault charges  do you think ?

Baby Pygmy Sperm Whale Dies Off Hallandale Beach

Chinese port burns for 15 hours after pipeline blasts

No victims found under collapsed New Jersey parking garage   number two ; i told the guys at the parking garage here the other day, by the construction site we were expecting another one ; however i keep seeing the one here in Brantford 

Sixteen more victims named in Winnipeg boarding school abuse charges

Plane crash in northern Quebec kills four, injures two  === Two killed in Maine plane crash


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