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22.1.4a good morning 05 July 2010


ww3 Google and the gas pedal ; china bought all the aircraft carriers ; oranges flew overhead ; geese on the deck

had an orange haze this am  ; this day will go down in infamy

if in court, the country denies the facts to the crown ; it crumbles the nation to damnation and the credibility of the justice system  into disrepute

18:17 hrs., : return from store ; two cop cars ; point note  i don’t care either ; useless as boobs on a bull ; and i don’t trust them ;  you know if i had not made a lot of this public, it would still be the same , or worse

Activist: Iranian mother of two to be stoned to death  i will trade you a Pope  ;  Mrs Clinton please be quiet ; the Queen w9on’t be any help either with Elton John at her back ;  i do not know all the particulars of the case ; but we made good ground at Jill Cooper, georgie porgy ( George bush ), changed his mind to invade ?  the British Sailor matter ; let us show this great president ? want to try for three ; it would be like a double header ; i could slap two presidents in the head ; and teach a  presidents woman how to vacuum ;  Queen Elizabeth’s annual spending drops, palace announces   i have a good used vacuum cleaner for sale  Queen Elizabeth II’s budget slashed that was kind of dirty was it not ?

ouch, that was a very hot ride ; 16:48 hrs., :  a crow cried at  two windows

the girl in Italy and the Prime Minister ? the sexual, allegations in court to discredit her testimony, or character  inadmissible, in a murder matter ; as a further action would bring the administration of justice into disrepute ; a re-trial is order excluding this testimony ; Kelly check your button on the shirt ; the Pope’s to busy for truth, so i guess, I’ll help ; that’s what I’m here for ; whole lot of corruption going on there ? ouch, that has to hurt, the little horn rising, cut off ; male prostitutes are banned from a so called holy city pope ; and i did it with a plastic sword ; the horn cut off the unicorn ; bow shock

just an air show of superiority ?   13:46 i have cloud cover rolling in ; the mist arrives ;  i call the clouds, a shield ;,around the Throne is thunder and lightening ;

5 candle sticks belong to uncle Cantilupe, i picked up the other one for 6  # 7 is in the white box

there were 6 birds, one faced the train station to the spider feather dart ; 5 candle sticks in house, one fell one time ; off the alter ;

the Russian spy matter just went to Iran ; i would apologize Mr Netanyahu ; i can’t tell you what happened on that seat in house one day ; or what i saw ; stay off it ;  it is a most holy place ; this woman will come see me ;  you have no objection ? Mr Ahmadenijad, and the Muslim world ? Taliban ?  Osama ?  i hold the golf card ?  bloody Monday  ;  the Queen can’t make it up the stairs  ; at the dome of the rock  ;  i can, i did,  a personal invitation ; the blue knights of the mist hold the presence lamp ; i cleaned the spider web ; one fell in a dart ; one appeared in  heaven ;  Mr Putin ? are you still here ? someone shot a bear ; i read some where ; about bears ; even sunk a couple of subs ; and ordered a few two ; 

do you have you bags packed yet Pope  – this woman  below could help the widows ?  instead of the male prostitutes, as you ?  ask her to bring an electronic walking stick for the blind  ; don’t forget to twitch the Pope, on the way out the door with it ;  across the back  ; if they say anything, tell them out side the temple is for the gentile ; and twitch the Pope again ; preferably bare foot  ; your majesty, your a gentile ; in there its mist law  ; don’t the rcmp have two different laws they have to suffer at ? internal, and external ; well, internal in the mist, is different ;  the Pope better have found a brick around his neck ; you can have what’s left  in my opinion ;  g’d wants his pound of flesh ; 80 thousand and counting David, in me ; praise g’d, most gracious father in heaven ;  human rights to you, is cattle in the field unto g’d ; and furrows, have been ploughed,  and fresh seed planted ; 

ww2 rewrite ;   Yesterday, a date which will live in infamy,  the house of the Lord was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the enemy forces of Satin, and the Imperial army of Rome.  and the Skull and Bones society, of Nazi Germany ; During the intervening time the forces of Satin, and his Government’s deliberately sought to deceive the world by false statements and expressions of false hope, as they undertook a surprise offensive extending throughout the nations.  There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger, and be it well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nations, and our children are at stake. Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. I believe I interpret the will of the righteous people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost,  but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again. With confidence and with the unbounded determination of our people – we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God. i remember your face when you opened the book ; it was a look of death ; just a matter of time ;  next time, kiss his feet ?  stones at the Dome, ,and everyone walking all over it cause stones to fall ; and bullets from stones ; tread the holy city ; you defiled ;

oh don’t worry Hubley RCMP i was not going to Kitchener to see the Queen ; words will be suffice to the truth and her lies ;  as recorded ; but i believe i have enough paper to prove the Queen a liar in court as to ownership of that crown ; that no court, of a legal nature can deny that bases its decision on truth of facts  ;  history, and 4 centuries of wars will dictate that  caused by the queen ; from Europe, to north America and two world wars  ;  including this one  ; but my concerns, are relevant as i spoke to a raise in conflict globally  ;  and other relevant matters ; you can’t win with out me ; if it transpired  because the Pope in Rome will fall ; I’m just seeing it through different eyes ;  in all injustice ; the trinity responds ; i just understand it ; in bow shock like a flock of ducks and seven candle sticks in the hand ;

updated  >>>  it is being looked into ; there is some confusion at this point   ===   original concern  >>>> how can someone sign a new lease with someone else’s stuff still in the apartment, related to jack the crack dealer ; because they are native ? don’t cry the I’ve been abused crap to me ; try being a Jew ; and your not Jews just the queens loyal subjects from Caledonia ; and they never had a waiting period like everyone else ? something does not smell right ;  you did see the 20 houses in the west ? built on crack money ? wiped out by g’d money ;  might have to start over, and get a job, instead of selling crack to build your house’s ;  5000 years of persecution by  a  Queen  on stolen land  ; your responsible Queen,  it is your blood family that did it ; and your not a Cantilupe Queen,  and chased us around the world ; and you still continue your persecutions, and have never, as it is written settled long standing matters ;

like i said, there is a little more to it, than just “ Jesus loves me “  the Christ Jesus, son of David come save us part , might be a clue

Pope asks forgiveness from abuse victims  === but i said Pope, i can’t do it  ; the coat of arms please  Uncle Cantilupe would like it back  ; then we have the crown ; i will need it back also ; it does not belong on a same sex married man ; i can’t do that either ;

your spies Queen Elizabeth, at St John’s, are about as smart as you ;  how long have i known ? a long time ; and I’m not pleased, but i think you know that  ; oh, the but i part, don’t concern yourself, it’s an  automatic link from my live writer ;  i have many words, automatically linked  ; that is King David, holding the severed head ; in case you did not  know  ; it’s in the bible, in case you did not know that also ; that is why it states, you know not what you worship ;  right Mr Ahmadenijad ? you remember the Jill cooper matter ? they were just playing King David  ; and why i told George Bush to stop ;  because by then, i had learned a few things ; through the deceptions  ; that’s the short version

i saw the Queen doing the pouty lip ?  i get that here with a few, that don’t stick their tongues out ; i wonder what animal  the queen will become, shall we look that up ?  i heard it reverts to it’s original state, when funny face comes along ;

some one asked me do you ever say why me ? i said yes all the time ; father, why me : did i just find one, that believed ?

yesterday i heard on the news a woman say, that what two people do in their own home is no ones business ; i heard that same thing from a crack hoar, in a house behind the armoires ; the problem is burnt gay float, to a parade, you don’t keep it in your house, and to your self, you are parading it up and down the street, challenging the church, and every where else ; perverting the legality of marriage, and trying to stuff it down every one else’s throat, and besides, it is against the law, of g’d, and i care not what man states,  through the Queen, the President of the USA, the Pope, of Rome, or Steven Harper, etc., ; as is prostitution, as is crack dealing, etc.., in your own home, or out on the street corner, or else where ; so maybe when your brain is back in gear, you can try a new reason, and excuse ; and an approach, that will not get you anywhere with me anyway  ; but thank you for coming out ; do you know the difference between a plastic sword, and a real one ? just thought i would throw that in ; and besides, as it is written, you are slated for a lake of fire anyway ; and i’ a little angered about getting told to find another church to go to, that the lord my g’d called me to, by persons of your persuasion ; and told, I’m not a Jew, but if i was a Jew, i have to go to the wall ; and they that tell me this, do not know what a Jew is, according to Christ  ; is it to early to have a drink ?  lets not forget, that the one i left on the stairs asked me, do we go to the Pope, or the Queen ; i said you go to g’d, for g’d is spirit ; can’t you read either ;  and they tell me I’m the idiot ?  can some one please shoot me, and put you out of your misery, because your driving me nuts ; and they say, they taught me the bible ?


good morning 05 July 2010 @ 6:24 hr., :


Isaiah 12:4  “In that day you will say: "Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.”

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