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22.1.7b the smashing of the white stone of Revelation 2:17



Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

i heard one say, in age you grow up from your life in smoking pot as a child ; the same can be said, about eating out of children’s diapers but, i think john baird, you might get to heaven easier on a pot joint, than on eating out of your boy friends diaper  ; it’s like my brother-in-law killing me, or my sister, it condemns her children, and their children, in the let it go category for killing a righteous one, in a white stone and prevents them from  building on the bones of the righteous ; i think i got that worded right ; and i can not change the words, or the punishment as it is written ; and nor will i ; you tell me i am mean, but it is you that condemns them, that i have tried to save and i can’t save them anymore fools ; as you try to condemn me, you condemned yourself in stupidity

did the tornado miss you queen ? the fingers of g’d seek you out ; you think your saved ? i say your dammed, and here you just blessed the native, so did the fingers of g’d  ;  your the devil,  and you most certainly are not a Cantilupe , or a Cantlon fool, to the holy flower of Christ ; you are the persecutor, of the Cantilupe holy flower of David  ; rewrite the bible lately ?  you know, to change it’s words, is a damnation, not recoverable from it’s original version ; and it is recorded ; as is it, that you appoint all the abusing ministers and bishops ; you did know, your name is removed from the lambs book of life ?  and your soul, will go to hell ; by order of the holy flower of Christ ; and the white stone, of revelation 2:17 ; i am here to tell you that ; and that you are endangering the lives of innocents, around the world, in your damnations

22.1.7a removed from the lambs book of life by authority === your apology letter rejected

any one charged with dealing crack, or prostitution will have their names removed from the lambs book of life ; that means your soul goes to hell ; so why wait, do it now

your name is plain and evident Eric Hatch ; is it not a bad thing to be a rat, in your circle of people, as is yours Dara Maloney ; will you show up for trial ? better crack for P.C. if you ever end up in Jail,  because you would be a dead man in the Pen if you did not ; they don’t like your kind in the pen, and then they would find out who you ratted out, in lies, with the plastic sword ; a man with authority to forgive them of their sins, as it is written ; a man of g’d with a stone from g’d ; the  holy flower of Christ  you defiled,  and it is recorded in writing for the world to see ; because as you said you don’t have a king, and what is the Lord’s prayer you said ; so howbeit, you can be a g’d father to anyone, baptized in water unto Christ ? your like the Hypocrite Dr Schuler, who speaks the bible but knows it not, and states, let us pray, this way instead ; as i said, as it is written, Dr Schuler, that medallion, will become a burden around your neck, as will the Canadian flag tattoo, on Eric Hatch, as it will become unto Judy Godin also ;



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