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19.1.5d I’m tired of your homo sexual abuse



will some one please have my cat put to sleep, when this is done ; because Canada your going to kill me like it or not  !!!

your fired dale Henderson ; that is the last time your skank secretary calls me a cock sucker ; her or your clientele ; your not my best interest ; or working in it ; and you have two choices, drop the same sex marriage, or shoot me ; your choice Mr Schmutz ; and when you do, i guarantee you it will be your end ; legal aid will be advised tomorrow, if i can’t leave a message tonight ; and do it for your Queen ; because i would shoot her without reservation ; I’m tired of arguing with you ; and i have listed to this for 35 to 40 years, and I’m fed up with it ; put that in your crack pipe, and go smoke with Dag ; now f – off Canada !!! the queen, the Pope, and your hole dam planet ; me, i care less, if i go to heaven ;  at least i will be dead and out of your abusive ball groping fagot loving hands dripping in baby killers and crack hoar’s ; enjoy the hell you are going to endure because you have not seen anything yet ;  I’m satisfied, prophecy will come true ; and that you will suffer greatly ;

Rwandan pastor guilty of genocide  so was Jesus Christ, he roasted a few people, in fire from heaven, on that cross, but went to heaven, for his stand on gay marriage ; he said no, these things must stop ; but thanks for coming out ; Arthur wanted to know, who you were ;

computer increase by another 3 % across the board

Landslide strikes homes in southern B.C. all i can say is i don’t care, and it looks good on you, and you have seen nothing yet ; it’s all down hill from here ;  OLIVER, B.C.—As rescuers made their way through the debris of a landslide that hit a small community in southern British Columbia it began to appear that most, maybe even all, area residents had made it out in time.  At least 10 homes were struck by the wall of mud that came down near Testalinden Creek, just south of Oliver, B.C., on Sunday afternoon.  Allan Patton, regional director with the District of Okanagan-Similkameen, said rescuers had reached all but two of the homes within hours. The remaining two homes were inaccessible by ground, and officials were trying to reach them by helicopter.  Millions of litres of sewage, dangerous liquids accidentally dumped in cities: analysis   @  Landslides, flooding kill 53 in S China

Two-alarm fire burns through Scarborough business

It’s “a dogfight” as Rob Ford pulls even with George Smitherman in mayoral race bow wow ; are you sniffing each others arse’s ? like dogs ? do you lick each other to, like dogs ? because as far as i am concerned, the country is going to the dog’s ; being run by dog’s, for dog’s ; do you need a few sink holes, were you can bury your bones ? PM gags staff to curb Afghan scandal your up to your arse in scandal Harper and your running out of excuses, to continue as Prime Minister ; between sink holes, fires, flash floods, and mud slides, your up to your nose in it ; better run to the Pope, and see if he can save your pathetic soul ; because i know i won’t ; your name has already been removed from the Lambs book of life ; as unrighteous, and ungodly ; your slated  to spend your eternity in hell ; guaranteed ; Pit bull escapes leash, bites carriage horse was it a Smitherman ? your Loyal subjects await you your Majesty Queen Elizabeth ; will you be attending the gay parade in Toronto, when you come, after all you blessed them all ; they belong to you, each and everyone of them ; you should open a dog kennel, instead of a  Buckingham Palace, it is more suited to you ; Pope again asks forgiveness for clerical sex abuse  and again, you are denied ; can you spell denied ? Pope ? because it is plain, as the nose on my face, you do not know the bible !!! but that makes two of you, in the Church’s ; the Queen another ; couple of fine heads you make, to the church ; better go out and persecute some more Jews, your good at that, and your history dictates it from that throne ; are you still trying to destroy the house of the Lord ? =   19.1.5c an effort to destroy the house of the Lord  @  19.1.5b Anti-Taliban ops will take longer than expected & so has the Anti-rcasc campaign

time check : 21:42 hrs., :


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