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19.1.5b Anti-Taliban ops will take longer than expected & so has the Anti-rcasc campaign


Kings Own

Armiger <<<  Son of man >>> do not touch <<<>>> do not touch <<<  Bow shock >>>  cognomen

Dorr Abby Gate -" the Cantlon "  @ My Father would like his crown backit has a lovely view does it not

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit No one Provokes me with Impunity my g’d will avenge me Can You Say G’d Save The King

I Have One Arrow Left = long live the = IRA TheSir Robert Shawn Alexander Cantlon  IRA = long live the = " i am a man of g’d "

Thadhg Cantillon gave Ballyheigue  it’s name  @  King’s Own Fusiliers  @  1.6.3 Cantilupe – Cantiloup – Canteloupe, – Cantillon – Cantlon

my family tree  @ 192 Nausikaa  @ arrest of Jesus  @  Trial before the Sanhedrin  @  rcascAtcrown  @  129 Antigone @ Cumberland

St Genevieve, The Black Prince & Excalibur the legendary sword of King Arthur

time check : 11:05 hrs., : time for Question Period Canada ; give me another set of eyes, i could watch and read more news than i do ; and i go from CNN, to the China Daily : I’m hoping on a satellite dish ; then i could get European news stations, like in Iran etc., as well ; you know, when i say by-by, it means by-by, you won’t go were i go ; and i will go with my fathers ; or have you not been following along ; see the butterfly told you, i was the dangerous one ? or did i read that wrong ? you want to end your nightmare on this earth ? take me out ; and your end will not be pleasant ; load the bow ; oh Mr Harper has done many bad things Mr Layton ; he Violated the Sanctuary of a holy Jew Temple ; how much worse can you get than that in same sex marriage ? you know what happened last time someone argued with Christ, or a David over that, in g’d ? he burnt the place ; and your one step from a lake of fire ? 17-year-old Eric Poirier

Japan space probe set for Australian outback return


Early morning fatal fire  double triangle, or diamond in the area above the two windows ; for it is written, he shall bring fire out in the midst of you ; i am not sure of this complex, but is that the middle unit, with the two ends, to meet the middle like the double triangle, into a diamond ? i will wait until further information is available ;    Investigators from the Brantford Fire Department and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office are probing the death of a man in an early morning fire in a townhouse complex on Galileo Boulevard.  Firefighters were summoned to a townhouse at 53 Galileo at about 4:30 a.m. Platoon Chief Steve Armstrong said they found smoke and flames pouring out of the upper part of the unit, and a woman standing outside. They rushed inside and found a male occupant lying in the dining room in the upper area. They carried him outside, where fire and Brant Ambulance crews tried to revive him. He was taken by ambulance to Brantford General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  interesting location ; now that i have pulled up the map Fatal fire at Galileo Blvd. early Saturday  17-year-old Eric Poirier ( Poirier ) (  Poirier Family Crest ) was the teen that firefighters discovered in the smoke-filled home after being summoned to a townhouse at 53 Galileo at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, where they found smoke and flames pouring out of the upper part of the unit.   Images for poirier family crest  = COLONEL POIRIER R.R. , CD this is were the old Arctic Arena was and there is a church i have spoken of, on the corner of west street, and Galileo boulevard ; not the yes church, but a double crossed one, with an onion dome ;

53 (number) = 53 = Galileo Galilei = Galileo’s lost fingers displayed in Florence‎ = Project Galileo Homepage = Galileo (satellite navigation)

time check : 10:22 :  if you notice, i changed my picture, from the black hat, to no hat ; that’s my riding hat ; it sits over my baseball cap, to cover the crown on that hat ; and i wear my braids as i call them, with the crown, and other pins on it, under my garments ; i hide the gold ; as i should ;

time check : 9:19 hrs.,  return from am ride ; mist is here ; and the air is very heavy ; a lot of bird activity ; time check : 10:09 hrs ; well it is TV bible thumper hour, and i see no one has heard ; Dr Schuler, nor the church on channel 13, Kitchener, Ont., Canada ; probably still preaching I’m the Devil, like Kenneth Copeland, who told me to get out of his garden ; i wonder who died, in corruption vile, and made him a David ? a  half breed native ? ; same as some of the crap at Caledonia ;  half bread natives a lot of them, who think they are Jew, but are not ; crack dealers are not Jews, and neither are feather heads ; fools ; say they are Jews, but are not !!! for they are there, for man, like a TV talk show, and not for g’d !!! no woman has her head covered ; and woman are speaking in the tent meeting ; the priest, is not plain, and unadorned, nor in white, like a bride ; but there coloured robes, as the medallion Dr. Schuler wear, are referenced in the bible ; and will become a burden unto them ; as it is written ; every woman, brings dishonour to her head, before g’d ; and in that g’d is not happy, for they make themselves liken eunuch’s on the street corner selling their souls for a 20.00 dollar bill ;

Fire at Fort Mac Syncrude plant injures three = Fire ban issued near forests in Quebec = As spill worsens, Britain sticks up for BP

Parties at odds on second anniversary of aboriginal apology  don‘t look for one from me ; because you will never get it ; lets have a crack party Jack ; don‘t look for one from me ; because you will never get it ; lets have a crack party Jack ; and i will say it twice !!!

Anti-Taliban ops will take longer than expected, Nearly nine years into the Afghan war, the pace for air crews that retrieve the wounded has become pitched. but i thought the was was won,  just ask George Bush, on the deck of the Aircraft carrier U.S. Intelligence Puts New Focus on Afghan Graft – NYTimes.com Military officers are scouring seized documents and interrogating fighters, looking for insights on how to combat a widespread perversion of authority by Afghan power brokers. have you seen the Queens widespread perversions, supported by your President, in the U.S. and let us not forget about Harper, of Canada, and his perversions to match the Queen’s, for a threesome in same sex ; i just wonder what happened to Obama’s eyes, his are black, with two blue eyed in Harper, and the Queen ; must be that fascination with the black man, in Nazi Olympics, and Hitler’s claim, that the blue eye, was a superior race ; boy, was he wrong ; because i have two blue eyes, in Harper and a Queen, who are inferior to G’d, in same sex marriage ;  Plunging In to Save Lives in a Bloodier War  = Karzai gets support for upcoming Kandahar operation hey, i hear your government is a little on the perversion of authority campaign as well ? = School poisoning affects 59 Afghan students ; so does the educational facilities of Steven Harper, and Stockwel Day ; but it affected at lot more, than 59 children, it infected, an entire generation ;

Man claims cow seduced him for sex = Military spectacle marks Queen Elizabeth’s birthday maybe your cop friends, want to come play with my balls again, after all it is Queen approved !!! just ask all the gay bishops, and child molesting priests, not to forget the knighting of same sex ; i have some scripture in the bible, that suits you queen ; the first to fall to satin  ; and set the damnation to an Adams back ; how many are going to die, for the devil, through you ?

7.5-magnitude quake strikes off India coast = Quake jolts northern Japan, no damage reported 

time check : 6:39 hrs., ; wake up ; what is for breakfast ? two earthquakes, and some bad meat ; we already had cereal face first ; 17.1.5d never got up from the table ; he fell asleep face first in a bowl of cereal ; he never got up fro ma bowl of cereal, he called me a child molester, on the third time, at Wesley United Church, when i knocked him out the first time, and was charged for it ; g’d the father knocked him out the second time in his bowl of cereal ; a few more, that have attacked me ? your fate awaits you ! Exodus 19:13 No hand shall touch him, but he shall surely be stoned or shot through; whether it is animal or man, he shall not live.’ When the trumpet sounds long, they shall come up to the mountain  ;  9.1.4d Family Reunion   Listeria warning issued for meat from ‘Peg company 

Salavat Acer rubrum Bull (mythology) Bow shock Shema Israel white flag

Radio free Jesus    @    The Lords Prayer in Old English from the 11th century    @    Good Morning Afghanistan

King of the Jews    =  The civil charge was a claim to be   =   King of the Jews

17.1.10c the sword of Excalibur = part two = the sword of the Messiah = King of England   @  “  Excalibur Sword of the  Messiah " @18.1.4b does this confirm i am a king ? and rightful heir to the throne of England and King of Canada ? @ The Herford Bull is here ; to some, the red lion drenched in blood ;  @ 18.2.1b a boot disk is required to format the hard drive ; 18.1.7d cop hats and Jesus in a conflict of interest to the Temple of a Jew  @ 18.1.7c wanted, 147 more Canadians for hell, to die for Satin, and the doctrine in the foundation, of Steven Harper


17.1.5c fire code coordinates ; roger that ; the trumpet sounded ; from the throne of almighty g’d, the winged creatures  @  14a-1.3d – a message to the court in the belt of King David, a Jew unto Christ Jesus    @  Exodus 19:13 No hand shall touch him, but he shall surely be stoned or shot through; whether it is animal or man, he shall not live.’ When the trumpet sounds long, they shall come up to the mountain   The civil charge was a claim to be King of the Jews.  @ the sword is ornamental  like the shield ; the double triangle ruby is interesting  @14a-1.3b – will the real IRA please stand up – and the rcasc guarantee policy  @ SAQ Surah 8 8:1 8:5 Even as thy Lord  caused thee (Muhammad) to go forth from thy home with the Truth @  John 4:46-54  48  "Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." 1 Timothy 2:5-6 “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time.”  Revelation 11 If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die.  17.1.8b – ‘Go over to this chariot and join it.’  @  YOUR NOT MY FRIEND, NOR MY BUDDY, SO “ LET IT GO  “ !!!

"The arms of  Cantilupe-Gules,   three leopards’ heads  jessant, with a fleur-de-lis issuing from the mouth


Notice of Confidentiality  WITHOUT PREJUDICE, EXTREME OR OTHER WISE  Legal disclaimer

17.1.6d – roger, that on the roger,  @ 17.1.5d never got up from the table ; he fell asleep face first in a bowl of cereal ; @ 17.1.6e – the batman belt of heaven  @  17.1.6C Osama and me, sitting in the tree, will the real David stand up please — Jesus are you out there ?  @17.4.4d four ? but i only saw one set of foot prints in the blood ; because i left you in the sand  @   17.1.6b – never know Osama, you might be one of the two = these two prophets will be the visible connection between God @ 17.2.3d two cardinals, and a black knight, guardian of the most holy,  the holy catholic church @ 17.2.4b = did you want it sent, by text message – i have the right number !!! 1-800-let-it-go ! it will be looked after !!!


an orange sky in the morning, might be a warning, for sailors in the holy see ; but it could be a sailors warning like a red sky at night in a sailors delight    @  Ezekiel 18:12 oppresses the poor and needy, commits robbery, does not restore a pledge, but lifts up his eyes to the idols and commits abomination = Walking stick I’m a wizard I got magic sticks  I’m drinking liquid gold  The taste of metal in my mouth  Infected all my bones The wizard lost his magic sticks  The wall turned in to stone  The taste of metal in his mouth  And everything explodesSeven Pillars of Wisdom = Arthur three  =   Arthur two  =  Arthur one = DO YOU WANT YOUR COAT OF ARMS BACK CANADA ?  = chop, down the tree

Tiduff, Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry – House For Sale   @   Griffiths Valuation of Irelandi was 56th field regiment

17.1.5b – i have Aspirin shaped golf balls, so take two head aches and call me in the morning –


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